How to cure acidity at home? There are many habits in daily life that lead to increase in Acidity in the body. Let's see some Home remedies for acidity

A Quick and easy remedy for acidity

Drink some water and hold it in your mouth for a minute. After a minute, swallow the water or throw it away. There will be a difference. The scientific reason for this is that the saliva produced in our mouth reduces the amount of pitta.

Make it a habit to drink two glasses of warm water immediately upon waking up in the morning. Will never suffer from Acidity. It is also beneficial to drink two glasses of warm water in the morning to keep the stomach clean.

Develop a Habit for cure of acidity

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diet should include fruits. Alkaline components present in fruits help control ACIDITY.

Eat non-spicy foods along with spicy foods. This will reduce the acidity. Green leafy vegetables should be included in the diet.

Consuming a glass of cold milk slowly reduces inflammation caused by Acidity immediately. Cold does not mean in the fridge. Milk is a Acidity finisher. And milk has been considered a complete food. .

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We can definitely bring Amla juice in our house. Which can be useful in case of pitta. For this, add a pinch of Amla juice and black salt to a glass of water and drink it one sip slowly.